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We believe in wellness as a birthright: a birthright that depends upon effective nourishment of body, heart, mind, and soul. Life, however, is often complicated, and at the pace of modern life, it can be difficult to maintain a state of wellbeing in each of these areas.


Our bodies are very much like hard drives, storing unique memories, habitual patterns of behavior, and even trauma. Over time, this trauma can create somatic conditions, manifesting as physical imbalance, pain, and stress in our everyday lives.


We are experienced at providing holistic resolutions to such conditions. Our services make use of body therapies and techniques from cultures and traditions around the world. Each can be tailored to suit your individual needs.


All of our products have been carefully sourced to provide the highest possible quality, so you can rest and relax, knowing that your body and skin are being very well cared for.


Whether you are seeking relief from stress, physical pain, or skin imbalances, we consider it a privilege to offer you our expertise and loving care.


Serious injuries, chronic pain, and advanced skin conditions are welcomed here with open arms.



Hi, my name is Sarah Oliva.


I am a C.M.T., Certified Fitness Trainer, Medical Esthetician, and have completed a Master’s Program in Eastern Healing Arts, including Massage Therapy. Prior to opening Le Chateau Enchante, I spent 18 years in the dental industry, holding 4 California state licenses. My personal passion for healing extends all the way back into early childhood. I love people, and I love what I do. Serving others is deeply fulfilling to me, so this work keeps me happier than I can even say.


In 2009, I was seriously disabled after a devastating car accident which left me unable to walk for a year-and-a-half. I prayed to be healed every day, with little apparent results. I decided to change my request: “God, if you help me walk again, I will help heal others all the days of my life!" Shortly thereafter, my body was miraculously strengthened, and I have honored that wholehearted promise ever since.


I have made it my intention to learn something new every single day. I like to imagine that everyone I meet is like a puzzle piece, helping to bring forth a clearer picture of my life and what I am here to accomplish. I treat every client as though they were family, often addressing emotional concerns, which I believe to be a vital part of restoring full health and function.


I am a Christian, and serve the Lord through helping others. I am a self-admitted perfectionist, and go out of my way to exceed expectations. In cases where I am unable to support the needs of any client, I am happy to provide reference to a Health Care Provider from my curated list of trusted specialists.


​I come from a loving home with two parents who are still together. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I sincerely love what I do. My work is my ministry, my joy, my passion, and my home.


Thank You, Jesus. And thank you, kind visitor, for trusting me to serve you in support of your good health.

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