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Our advanced treatments help with anti-aging, skin tightening, pain management and overall health and skin improvements. Treatments stimulate high levels of circulation and help reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and heal faster from surgery or injuries.
We have selected a range of services that provide top-of-the-line treatments to our clients and offer holistic alternatives to staying young, healthy and pain-free.

Celluma Delux Near Infrared LED Full Body Therapy

Celluma DELUX 2.jpg
FDA Cleared powerful rejuvenating Celluma Light Therapy emits blue, red and near-infrared wavelengths that help decrease inflammation, skin issues like acne and wrinkles, body pain, joint stiffness, arthritic pain, muscle tension and spasms. Celluma Therapies increases micro circulation to manage numerous pain and skin related conditions.

40min - $55

Celluma Light Therapy for Acne and Anti-Aging- Add on

​BEMER Magnetic Therapy - Add on

BEMER utilizes PEMF therapy (Pulse Electromagnetic Field therapy) to temporarily improve local blood flow and helps with many of our physical discomforts. Improved blood flow helps deliver a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells as well as helps dispose of metabolic waste, keeping our bodies healthy and running their best.
Increasing blood flow and stimulation healthy muscles can support muscle conditioning and may lead to more vitality and energy
20min - $25


Celluma PRO-Blue Acne Mode w Model (2).jpg
Celluma Light Therapy Add-on for Face or Small Area. 

30min - $30

Lifewave Patches

LifeWave Patches use phototherapy to elevate naturally occuring peptides in your body and activate your stem cells. Resetting cells that support health and wellness can improve your energy, sleep, reduce minor pain, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and support natural wound healing.

X39 Patches - $149.95

X49 Patches -  $149.95

NeurotriS Micro-Current

NeurotriS is a leader in the anti-aging industry and uses microcurrent therapy to offer a non-intrusive solution to anti-aging and skin tightening. The NeurotriS system uses a Dynamic intelligent bilateral feedback loop that optimizes the micro-current signal based on an individuals skin at the time of treatment and significantly improves the look and feel of your skin for face and body.

Face Treatment - 60min - $195

Body Treatment (1 Area) - 60min - $250

Body Treatment (2 Area) - 60min - $350

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Celluma Light Therapy
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