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It's time to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

Healing massage is one of the most important and effective ways to care for your body and support good health from the inside out. Our holistic approach addresses the root causes of any discomfort or imbalance, ensuring a treatment that is tuned to your needs with a focus on healing the system as a whole. Massage also helps to calm both the body and the mind, which allows the healing process to begin.

$120/ 1 Hr

$180/ 1.5 Hrs

$240/ 2 Hrs

House Calls Now Available

*additional charges outside service areas 

Couples massages in the spa are unavailable at this time. We are in a temporary space that doesn't have enough room for us to work on couples. House Calls may still be upgraded to couples massage upon request. 

  • Light to medium pressure

  • Promotes circulation and lymph movement

  • Good for stress-related conditions and pain


Relaxation Massage 

  • ​Promotes flexibility decreasing the risk of injury

  • Promotes tissue recovery & reduces scar tissue

  • Offers balance and expanded range of motion



Cranial Sacral  Or ShiatsuTherapy 

  • Specialized trigger point techniques to release muscle tension along with tissue restriction

  • Effective relief for headaches, back and neck pain

  • Improves range of motion

​​​Hot Stone Warming Massage 
  • Encourages circulation and detoxification

  • Improves balance and flexibility

  • Reduces pain and anxiety

  • Beneficial for arthritis and fibromyalgia

​Prenatal Massage
  • Relieves headaches and mood extremes

  • Alleviates backaches, hip pain

  • Enhances sleep

  • reduces swelling

50 min - $100
​Precious Jade Stone Massage​​  
  • Includes all benefits of HS warming massage

  • Ancient Chinese Healing

  • Mystical Massage



Additional modelities: Lymphatic Drainage,Medical Massage, Rolfing, Reflexology,
Emo-Therapeutic Release Massage, 

Upgrades Available

Gift Certificates

**Upgrade any massage or Facial with one of our advanced therapies**

Foot Scrub $18

Peppermint Scalp Massage $20

Add Hot Stones to any Massage $35  (sample upper back only $17.5)

Cupping alone $45 as add on to massages $35

Gua Sha Small Area - Alone $20 added to Service $15

Gua Sha Back/Large Area - Alone $45 added to Service $35 



Aromatherapy Lavender/Peppermint/Lemon Grass/Eucalyptus or a combination of aromas 

CBD / Other analgesic topicals $5 for add on

if you have an RX medically prescribed topical please bring in the medical bottle with label with MD name listed along with directions.


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