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Meet Our Staff

Sarah Oliva

 C.M.T., Certified Fitness Trainer and Medical Esthetician.

Hi, My name is Sarah Oliva.


I am highly trained, having completed a Masters Program in Massage Therapy, a former fitness trainer and model, as well a Medical Esthetician.


I have had a passion for healing others since I was a small child. I love people and I love what I do. I find it very fulfilling and it keeps me happy.

I am a perfectionist and go above and beyond expectations.

Formerly I have 18 years in Dentistry with 4 California state licenses. I love people, as everyone is like a small piece of a the jigsaw puzzle that brings forth a better picture of life and why I am here. I love learning something new every single day. Everyone that comes here has become like family and working through emotional issues is almost always a part of what we do here in helping people be restored back to full health and function.

Many times in cases where I find things beyond my scope of practice I refer to another type of Health Care Provider is needed . I am not to proud to share the client with that other couple of providers or sending the client to Physical Therapy/ Chiropractor/acupuncture etc.

I know my scope of practice and my limitations. I have a handful of specialists that I trust and recommend to my clients when needed.

I come from a loving family and have both my parents still together. I am Christian and serve the Lord in helping people all the days of my life as I promised after a serious car accident that disabled me badly in 2009.

I was not able to walk without serious pain for a year and a half and I prayed to be healed every day.

After noticing that I was not being healed I decided to change my prayer to:

"God if you help me walk again,

I will help heal others all the days of my life!"

I love what I do and this is my church. This is my joy, my home and my passion.

Thank You Jesus and thank you for trusting me to work on you.


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